Habetler Bowl Pre-Bowl Policy

Dear League Bowlers,

If you are unable to attend your scheduled league session, and must pre-bowl, the following guidelines are here to assist you. Please remember that NOT all leagues permit pre-bowling, and each individual league has it's own policy regarding pre-bowling. If you don't know your leagues policy, please consult a league officer.

The following day's and times are available for pre-bowling:

  • Monday Tuesday Thursday 10:00AM-2:00PM
  • Monday's after 10:00PM
  • Thursday's after 10:00PM

Pre-bowling is not permitted on Wednesday's, Friday's, Saturday's, Sunday's, or on any Federal, State, or School Holiday. Pre-bowling availability is subject to change or blackout without notice.

All arrangements to pre-bowl "must" be made in advance, and in conjuction with a league officer. *Walk-ins are not accepted and will be rejected.*

Thank you,

Habetler Bowl