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while going through trial, the most damaging testimony came from a single teller who had on her own (she had not be trained or instructed to do this) taken cheap oakleys sunglasses it michael kors leather handbags upon herself to immediately following the robbery write out every description and detail that she could recallmy hat and what kind it was; the sunglasses michael kors fake and what brand they were, the shirt and what it said on it, my pants and what brand they were; and finally my shoes, brand, color, etc. When she took the stand and started describing these things in detail (and as I was later apprehended with these items) my attorney leaned over to me and said, "you better take the plea they are offering, you will never overcome this testimony". Make it kors michael kors handbags policy at your institution that everyone involved in a robbery immediately writes down all impressions and descriptions as they recall them.

The front line people are your most important and powerful michael kors handbags deterrent to a potential robber who may be considering your institutionthey and they alone can keep you from being targeted. Take a page out of the Wal Mart bookmake it a policy to meet and great as many people as possible who come through your doorsas stated earlier your legitimate customers will love it and a potential robber will view it as an act that has them going down the road to an institution that offers a path of easier resistance.

Some of the things I have mentioned above may be common sense,michael kors selma handbag some you may already implement at your institution and some you may have needed to be reminded of once again as complacency can be your greatest enemybut if you do not implement anything else that I have mentioned in this article I would encourage you to implement the following two things immediately.

The first is a suspicious activities log. Every workstation should have a piece of paper, a journal, a notebookI do not care what it is but something needs to be within reach where a quick note can be jotted down if that individual sees something out of the ordinary or someone they do not recognizeno matter how handbags of michael kors trivial it may seem at the time. And I would encourage management to review these if not on a daily basis at least weekly, and if a pattern is detected or if people are seeing the same things then there is a good chance that your institution is being cased for a robbery and appropriate measures need to be taken.